Éire Vedanta Society

Éire Vedanta Society is a registered charity, with charity registration number 20203638 assigned by CRA, the Charities Regulator in Ireland. Its CHY number is 22389.  20203638 assigned by CRA, the Charities Regulator in Ireland. Its CHY number is 22389.  

Being a charitable organisation, Éire Vedanta Society is dependent on the generous donations of its devotees and patrons for its operations and activities. Hence, we request all patrons to kindly donate generously to this noble cause. All donations are strictly subject to the regulations of the Charities Regulatory Authority in Ireland. 

You can contribute to the Éire Vedanta Society’s cause and activities by the following methods:

Direct Bank Transfer to our account:
Account Name: Eire Vedanta Society
Bank: Bank of Ireland
Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

IBAN: IE16BOFI90042054403956
Account No: 54403956
Sort Code: 900420

Receipts can be obtained for all donations made. Once you donate, please email us your contact number and transactions details which would help us to send you the receipt for the donation made; Thank you.

Great news !

The "Daily Thoughts and Prayers" which is a series of spiritually uplifting messages compiled personally by Swami Purnananda is now compiled under the title "REFLECTIONS - Volumes 1 & 2". A hardcover copy of this book can be procured from the Éire Vedanta Society premises or from the link below:


A PDF copy of "Daily Thoughts and Prayers" can be bought from link: 

Funds raised from this initiative help the Society's cause; Please support us by grabbing your copy TODAY!!!

The next phase of our expansion

The next phase of our expansion plan includes building an extension quarters for accommodating our interns and volunteers both from the local community and from around the world. We (EVS, "The Society") also plan to accommodate, in these custom built quarters, specifically chosen spiritual seekers who would like to enrol in our residential "Vocational Program". The quarters would provide the ambience and secluded space required for the comfortable stay and continued spiritual practices of these aspirants who undertake these residential vocational programs. 


We would require additional funds and financial support in order to build this extension quarters and we call upon the benevolent support of our patrons and other charitable organisations to help us realise this cause. Please do get in touch with us for any further details you require in this regard. 


The objective behind the provision of this extension quarters is to support the community by providing suitable facilities such as:


1) Providing disability orientated accommodation for volunteers

2) Food and boarding for interns and community welfare

3) Extend and sustain a community garden