Programme (Jan 18 - Jan 24, 2020)

Monday 18th Jan: 8.00pm - 9.00pm Vedanta Society New Jersey Web Satsang with Swami Vimokshananda


Tuesday 19th Jan: 7.15pm - 7.45pm Guided Meditation with Swami Purnananda

Tuesday 19th Jan: 8.00pm - 9.00pm Talk ““Life & Teachings of Swami Saradananda” by Swami Purnananda [Online talk to go live on our YouTube channel]

Wednesday 20th Jan: 10.30am – 11.30am DCIF Informal Zoom Meeting with Swami Purnananda

Wednesday 20th Jan: 7.00pm - 8.00pm Lisburn Study Group with Swami Purnananda

Thursday 21st Jan: Swamis available by appointment

Friday 22nd Jan: 3.00pm - 4.00pm Oman Study Circle Web Satsang with Swami Vimokshananda 

Saturday 23rd Jan: “Cosmology, Different Viewpoints”
Discussion (Zoom) with Swami Purnananda

Saturday 23rd Jan: 5.30pm – 6.30pm Talk “Life of Holy Mother” by Swami Vimokshananda [Online talk to go live on our YouTube channel]

Sunday 24th Jan: 11.00am - 12.00pm Vedanta Series Q&A with Swami Purnananda by Zoom

Sunday 24th Jan: 5.30pm – 6.30pm Talk "Gospel of Ramakrishna" by Swami Vimokshananda [Online talk to go live on our YouTube channel]

Sunday 24th Jan: 6.45pm – 7.30pm Vespers (Arati) & Bhajans (at Nivedita House and using Zoom)

Forthcoming Events


Tuesday, 19th January, 2021. The evening Talk will be dedicated to Reflections on the Life and Teachings of Swami Saradananda – a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna.


Part Two – 30th & 31st Jan, 2021

EVS News in Brief


Nivedita House is fully open subject to the policy attached here and Government directions. 

YouTube EVS Page

You will find a catalogue of interesting and spiritually uplifting videos courtesy of Swami Vimokshananda and Swami Purnananda with new videos uploaded weekly. Subscribe here 


Wednesday 20th January 2021

Our thoughts and best wishes to brothers and sisters in the Sikh community on this day.

EVS Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM will take place on 6th Feb, 2021 at 11am. For more details, see the linked notice.

Daily routine at Nivedita House in Dublin
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