Éire Vedanta Society

Éire Vedanta Society​, Dublin

Éire Vedanta Society (Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre) Dublin, Ireland is a branch of the Ramakrishna Order of India, a worldwide spiritual and welfare organisation. Like the other branches world over, the Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre in Dublin is a well-known charity organisation. It is a self-sustaining unit that looks to the Ramakrishna Order for spiritual guidance.


The Centre bases its teachings on the System of Vedanta, which combines both religion and philosophy, especially as propounded and practised by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (1836-1886), his spiritual consort Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi (1853-1920) and his chief disciple Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902).

The Éire Vedanta Society sprouted in Dublin, Ireland with a small group of enthusiastic Irish people who were interested in the principles and practices of Vedanta and Yoga. In 2006, revered Swami Purnananda founded the “Institute of United Cultures” by uniting this group of like minded enthusiasts. Under the spiritual guidance of Swami Purnananda, this group met weekly in private houses. 


Subsequently, a resolution was passed that, in the land of the birth of Sister Nivedita, if the Ramakrishna Math, a world-wide Institution that spearheads Vedanta Philosophy for the humanity irrespective of race, religion, caste, culture, language; wished to affiliate this institute, it could do so.


As the Divine would have it, post its affiliation in 2018, this institute evolved and blossomed into Éire Vedanta Society. In June 2018, the Society became an affiliated branch of the Ramakrishna Math, due to Divine grace on the one side and responses from devotees on the other. This not only tied us lovingly to Ireland but also introduced the previously unknown term Vedanta to the Irish Society.


Post its affiliation, Revered Swami Vimokshananda served as the first Minister-in-Charge of the society from June 2018 until November 2021. 

The Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre at the "Nivedita House", maintains a Shrine, a Monastery, a Library, a Book Sale and conducts regular Classes & Lectures, spiritual counselling, Retreats and Music and Yoga courses.


Today, the centre is well received within the Irish society and deeply engaged in contributing to the development of Vedanta, interfaith activities, communal harmony, socio cultural and spiritual development of the Irish community in general.