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The irresistible Divine Will manifests at the right time and in the right place.

The Éire Vedanta Society started in the Dublin area in Ireland with a small group of enthusiastic Irish people who were interested in the principles and practices of Vedanta and Yoga. Under the guidance of Swami Purnananda, the group met weekly in private houses. In 2006 the group was constituted in the name of Institute of United Cultures and a resolution passed that, in the land of the birth of Sister Nivedita, if the Ramakrishna Math, a world-wide Institution that spearheads Vedanta Philosophy for the humanity irrespective of race, religion, caste, culture, language, wished to affiliate it, it could do so. The scope and activity of the work grew steadily so that the Institute required operational premises. With this development and cultural shifts in Irish attitudes, the Institute applied for status as a Society and became the Éire Vedanta Society. This not only tied us lovingly to Ireland but introduced the previously unknown term Vedanta to Irish Society.
In June 2018 the Society became an affiliated branch of the Ramakrishna Math, due to Divine grace on the one side and responses from devotees on the other.


The term Éire is derived from the Old Irish” “Ériu” the matron goddess of Ireland; it’s Sanskrit equivalent being pīvan (abundant, strong robust) through the Proto-Indo-European stem piHwer.