• Swami Purnananda

Apr 11, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


From age to age in Cosmic Time

Clash and crash and slash and burn

Violent forces try their best

To win a war of opposites

From age-to-age dramatic scenes

Played out in worldly stage well set

Sees evil gain the upper hand

And reign throughout the cosmic land

Light of truth and goodness wins

With victory’s foot upon the head

Restoring Peace and Harmony

Both overall and in man’s realm

What weapons can be used for us?

What gift to glean from such a scene?

Inner strength of will we find

To rout the enemies of mind

Discrimination is our sword

And arrows too our skill in thought

A fortress held with strength as mace

Dispensed through protective Grace


O Lord, may I daily feel thy secure presence in moments when I feel I am banished, abandoned and alone. Grant me the strength to control the mind on the one hand and surrender to Thee on the other.

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