• Swami Purnananda

Apr 2, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Let our solemn thoughts align

Reflections and resolve combine

On one who taught and suffered

Corporeal pain for us offered

Each one has their cross to bear

Forbearance shown by Saviour.

Let us accept with cheerful gait

Whatever is our self-formed fate

Cross out self-image of the “I”

Egocentric views defy

What greater love than to die

For another’s freedom to buy

Reviewing lessons from the past

Corrections now made to last

With anguish, trials, austerities

Play life’s game with skilful ease

Next scene dawns a glorious day

When rising sun rays blaze away


O sweet sacrifice let me feel Thy presence now as I sit at thy holy feet marvelling at thy love marked in blood. May I learn to carry my small crosses with forbearance and fully follow thy every guided step.

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