• Swami Purnananda

Apr 29, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


On Africa’s dry grasslands and plains

Beasts search above for signs of rains

They yearn for days when holes were filled

They drank and splashed as water spilled

In oceans of blue that are glistening from

The dappled light plays of the father sun

Warm rays lift mists from seas and select

Pure water in gathering clouds to collect

Darkening skies around suddenly appear

Soon rumbling and tumbling drops are here

Rapturous quenching in cool nectar clean

As rivers beds fill and grasses turn green

Thought too has its cyclical dramatic play

They too get evaporated in same way

Condensing as scenery and events today

Writing script with what you think and say

Let noble sentiments and thoughts arise

Let painful ones meet their demise

Make for all blessing garland flowers

Raining on every creature loving showers


O Lord of Mind, when selfish thoughts come to me, fill this mind with generosity and love and make it an open channel for Thy Grace to flow like a flood of goodness everywhere.

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