• Swami Purnananda

Apr 3, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Be alert as thoughts stream in

Aware of every passing sin.

Burn mind’s lamp night and day

Keep vigil as you watch and pray

When the Lord appears disguised

Be sure that He is recognised

And mindful of your own demise

Keep vigil in each enterprise

Each life is like a candle flame

Oblivious of from whence it came

Lit and fuelled till wind snuffs out

Keep vigil to know what it’s about

As soul’s darkness fades to grey

And leading light announces day

Keenly watch that silent hour

Keep vigil over kingdom’s power


O Leading Light fix my mind on thee that my attention may not stray. Lead me out of the darkness of the desert to the light of thy kingdom. Fix my heart on thine as yours is fixed on me. You move these limbs of this earth car for thy glory alone.

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