• Swami Purnananda

Apr 7, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Fearful forest dwelling beasts

Alert to all the dangers round

Protect, preserve home and life

As senses scan the sky and floor

The rustled leaf and crack of twig

Shifts the ready attention easily

No different in our daily life

Same instincts duly tend to rule

Along with coffee, news and job

With a homely mortgaged nest

Preserve competing in the herd

Alert still to the dangers heard

Sounds come to ears in waves unseen

So used are we to soft and loud

But when within deep silence reigns

And calmness finds its real home

There is the still sweet voice of God

That lifts the body mind and soul


Lord, let me sit in your presence, a mere child; Let me allow your presence and grace to bathe me in stillness; stillness of body and stillness of mind that is your very throne room. Let the peace that passes all understanding pervade.

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