• Swami Purnananda

April 22, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Thought O hovering spirit what did you see at the very dawn? Please tell us tales of hope when mankind is forlorn “My view was horizon broad of pinks and wakening hues The calm and peace were all around and silent voice Divine was heard Silence broke along with dawn, as from minarets echoes bid Come and pray this day; come and pray this day. Temple bells rang out aloud and shattering shankhas fully blown Suddenly retracing sounds that resonate from the source OM Come and pray this day; come and pray this day. Church bells in deep tones chimed to announce that it is prayer time Alerting pigeons to flap their wings in praise of God and living things Come and pray this day; come and pray this day. I peeped into houses and huts and tents of refugees And there I saw simple lamps and heard sincerely uttered chants. These prayers and thoughts vibrated strong throughout the three grand worlds And even in celestial realms, the gods were all entranced A better world was formed and shaped as angels thronged and danced.” Prayer O Lord of constant love, I thank you for the grace of thought and prayer. I know that I have largely wasted these and yet You continue to supply Your very Self as their flow. May we all find precious time to be intensely with Thee.


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