• Swami Purnananda

April 25, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Thought “I thirst so fetch me water please” The Lord requests on dusty trek On village houses fronts he knocked ‘Till beautiful maiden’s door unlocked Entranced and drowning in her eyes Captured with love’s sweet surprise As time went by and wedlock sealed He had children cattle house and field But gods of storms were then at hand Torrential floods destroyed his land Desperately fighting for kin and wife Swift flowing currents took their life Bereft of wealth, wife children, and all He wept and shook from empty soul Then gentle voice his depression burst Dear, where is the water for my thirst? Awakening there to the Lord at last He saw that just half hour had passed Where were the scenes of a dozen years? And the joy that ended in sorrowful tears? “My child”, said Lord “You asked to know What is this Maya and It’s magic show?” Prayer O Lord of Maya, You alone can lift the veil of my delusion. Please listen to my yearning heart and out of pity for me break the spell. Grant that all may awaken from this dream world and find that peace that passes all understanding.

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