• Swami Purnananda

Aug 26, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer || Art of Work

Updated: Apr 10


Everyone loves life and joy

They feel it as a girl or boy

But gravity takes hold on face

As adulthood increases pace

Lines of worry soon appear

As horrors reflected in mirror

Relieving sigh relaxed at home

Indulged rewards for work atone

For penance of hard toil and day

When really you preferred to play

Another hard day passed away

While dreaming of your holiday

But what if a new joy was found?

What if work was your playground?

What if each precious second filled

Like future seeds in new soil tilled?

If rapture raised your spirits high

The joy of work would not pass by

Each healthy cell with joy would beat

Each word would be like honey sweet

Each smile spread around the worlds

Each gesture show how power unfolds

Each dark corner would lift and light

Each life shine, each mood be bright


O Lord I worship Thee in every movement and energetic expression. Let your light shine in me that I may share the rapture of your presence with others. May we all learn to work with energy, enthusiasm and joy.

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