• Swami Purnananda

August 22, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Red hued guard of world adored

Stopped the path of Shiva Lord

Sheared of obstinate blocking head

Replaced with Cosmic Mind instead

Ears for cosmic sound to hear

Trunk sweeps obstacles clear

Eyes shine through lotus shape

Offering abundance - all to take

On golden throne belly curved

Leg is bent - half tusk preserved

Embodied thus in playful form

Manifesting of primordial Om

Divinity infused in earth’s red clay

Round sweets offered on this day

Garlanded neck with flowers hung

Lord of beings’ worlds are strung


O Lord, whatever hurdles and obstacles are in the way, you can remove them easily. Grant not that there may be no obstacles, but that I use your strengths and skills to sportingly surmount them. Let the obstacle of ego be reverently replaced by Thee.

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