• Swami Purnananda

Aug 23, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Updated: Apr 10


What is scent that draws me in?

So sweet to nose so hard to win

Running here and running there

Eyes dart swiftly - nose in air

Buck look for the musk of deer

They carry in their navel near

Where is sweet joy that urges on?

Smell of success you think you won?

Drinking deep from cups of praise

Lingering in beds of dark malaise

Never found where ‘ere we look

No clues or maps in empty book

Like that elusive scent of musk

Illusive dawn’s hopes end in dusk

Fragrant sweet in your own home

That bliss you carried all along

God alone is real - lasting joy

All else is false - His playful ploy

Arise awake and dance and sing

For we have found eternal spring

Drink and reel with drunkenness

From love’s deep cup of happiness

Submitting to the one who’ll bring

The bliss that flows as everything


O Lord let us only dance as my heart sings with joy.

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