• Swami Purnananda

Aug 28, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Updated: Apr 10


When Krakatoa spilled and spit

Destroying many lives with it

Nature’s wild but balanced way

Quickly took loved ones away

Volcano’s pyroclastic lava flow

Is now rich soil where spices grow

But can you hear the angels weep

As cruel man disturbs their sleep

Insults spat from cursing lips

Bodies bruised from brutal whips

Innocent victims callously torn

From the hearth where they’re born

Neither Christian, Muslim, Jew am I

Not Hindu, Buddhist or Bahai

Humans are born and humans die

It’s for suffering at man’s hands I cry

For widows’ hearts and spilling tears

For those who live with constant fears

Destined to reach same summit height

Should we not help instead of fight?

Should compassion not be guiding light?

Should we not restore man’s deep insight?

Should we not extend a helping hand

To dispossessed from home and land?


O Lord every act and thought of cruelty is against Thee. Raise our hearts and minds in an age where cultural human values are divine; lift brutality to heights of sweetness and love in me and in all humanity.

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