• Swami Purnananda

Aug 9, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Updated: Apr 10


This shocking tale will surely show

How bodily pride and status quo

Are hollow and brittle as lifeless bone

Memorials forgotten carved in stone

Crown and power of mighty king

Whose glory court musicians sing

Audience, favour widely sought

By flattering nobles at his court

To him food served of finest fare

And only shining silk he’d wear

Challenged in battle win assured

With flashing glittering bloody sword

Under coloured royal standard fought

With knights and soldiers for support

King saw his chance and entered fray

But cruel fate would have its day

Dismounted from his steady steed

Fatal wounds would make him bleed

Crown dislodged and armour stripped

Pike pierced skull and flesh was ripped

His naked body draped like sack

They loaded onto horse’s back

Five hundred years his old bones laid

Under the earth where flesh decayed

Forensic science scraped and scanned

And proved they were of Richard grand

Real crown and royal status found

Are far beyond soil’s earthly ground

For thou art the regent Self sublime

Enduring through mere history’s time


O Lord strip away my poisonous pride. I am your sword and care not where I fall. Use me as you want for this five minutes of privileged play as long as your gift of glorious presence is with me.

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