• Swami Purnananda

Jun 9, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer || Busy Bee ||

Updated: Apr 11


Busy we can learn to be

Like a buzzing honey bee

Gold black stripe flash in flight

Flower blossoms yield the right

To collect pollen and nectar sweet

As hazy wings don’t miss a beat

To work indeed we have the right

Not to complain, protest or fight

But if we store up things beware

Wax cells and honey we prepare

Will be robbed from active hive

For others to eat and stay alive

Be not alarmed or bring out stings

Our privilege is to share our things

And bee of mind can choose to sit

On best of flowers nectar sip

We can from edge drink honey bliss

Or blissfully swim below surface


O Blissful Lord may my life energy be ever dedicated to Thee; may my mind be selected on what it dwells on; may it ever be immersed in your bliss not that I alone may enjoy it, but that I may share this nectar feast with others.

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