• Swami Purnananda

Chameleon || July 19, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Why is it we disagree?

Because we live not under tree

Had we daily sat in shade

Great mistake would not be made

Dwelling there a rough skinned one

That grips to twig, extends its tongue

Changes skin to background screen

So it can blend and not be seen

Unknowing one says it is blue

Another says that it’s untrue

Every witness oath will swear

Different colour sitting there

Sometimes changing colours eyed

Or invisible colourless, skin undyed

When changing nature understood

Chameleon’s play is for the good

If they would listen carefully

To one who lives there under tree

They would not ever enter fight

He would declare that all are right


O Lord, my ego asserts that its culture, language and status is best. Please remove this mean heartedness from me. Colour my eyes with you in all these forms, some revealed and some hidden and the formless too. Wherever I look, whatever I hear, let me only see and hear Thee.

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