• Swami Purnananda

Dark Clouds || 3rd June, 2020


Suddenly dark moody cloud

Can come from memory store

Grip of fear leaves us cowed

Distress shakes us to the core

Brooding on the pain from past

Unsteadies mind and nerves

Then illness will take hold at last

Draining off our last reserves

But simple remedy can apply

Our caring mother told us how

In place of heaving heavy sigh

Ask the mother soothe the brow

I have a mother tell yourself

Whenever you are in distress

Thus will you restore health

Without a need to convalesce

Both the wicked and the good

Are her children close and dear

So when cut or bruised you should

Allow her to remove your fear


O Mother, in times of distress and hopelessness I forget that I have a mother. Thank you for reminding me so many times when unasked you rescue me. As soon as I feel your motherly consoling arms I feel happy.

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