• Swami Purnananda

Dec 16, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Updated: Apr 10


In cloudy realm awaiting

Angel patient in the wings

Time, place, measured pace

Drops, food and seed collude

Out of chaos order waiting

Out of love newly blooms

First two or three and all

Folded angel budding small

Warm place still in waiting

Angel urging readiness

Let lungs release, voice arise

Full entry’s play to improvise

Divine destiny awaiting

Angel’s wings open wide

Specialised part to discover

As God’s angel under cover


O Lord lead me on as Thy will for Thy purpose to fulfil; when it is finished go back to Thee where in joy and peace reside. Grant that I may have a heart that never hardens, a spirit that never tires, and touch that never hurts.

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