• Swami Purnananda

Dec 23, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Fire split in sixteen parts thereof

One of these was purest love

Diluted not with blemish taint

Self-love, greed or action feint

No love if serving hands avoid

No love if gentle speech devoid

No love if words inspire us not

No love if there’s a spoiling blot

Ecstatic love attracts and spreads

Its aura raises hearts and heads

In love’s hot furnace flaming red

Old tendencies eclipsed and shed

With tenderness and motherly care

This sixteenth flame all efforts spare

Close to helmsman’s guiding way

Under spell of love’s ecstatic sway


O Lord most love is love of self. Grant that my love echoes Thine. Grant me that purity of heart that raises ecstatic love. A love that burns and overflows to every manifested being. Let Thy pure flame of love burn the dross of selfish desire.

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