• Swami Purnananda

Dec 24, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


On eve by sacred blazing fire

Fervent ignited spirits flame

Before Christ’s dawn announce

To imitate Him and renounce

On eve of winter’s crisp cold day

Excited children stockings hang

Amidst pies and pine tree smells

They listen out for reindeer bells

On eve of Christmas presents wrap

Before the clock at midnight strikes

In joyous chimes church bells rung

As silent night yields choirs’ song

On eve of blessed Christ Mass

Goodwill and blessings on earth fill

Let every soldier’s war now cease

Let every mind now be at peace


O Lord in anticipation I listen, watch and wait – preparing my mind for Thee to dwell. Foolishly thinking that you have not come in a dark night of the soul; but Thy voice has told me that you never left, only my attention wandered away distractedly. I ask not for personal ecstasy, but knowledge where I see thee everywhere.

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