• Swami Purnananda

Dec 25, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Gifts awaiting under tree

Delivered for each safely

But the greatest gift of all

Is in simple animal’s stall

Gather we round babe adore

Child divine on bed of straw

Nothing more for us to do

But offer gifts of worship due

Suckle babe at mother’s breast

Gazing thus angels are blessed

Under bright star giving voice

And earth itself too will rejoice

No place for Son of man to rest

Even the birds of air have nest

Highest teachings on a mount

Thousands fed at end of count

His gift - His very flesh and blood

That hearts fill with love’s flood

Do you now see this Nazarene

Very ground of your own being?


O Lord of joy and light spreading throughout all. Cosmic balancing power coming from age to age, grant that I may live simply and freely as Thy child allowing Thy grace to flow like milk. I empty myself to Thee that I may be filled with the milk of kindness for Thee as the suffering and the poor. May the world flood with glory, peace and joy!

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