• Swami Purnananda

Dec 27, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Oneness does not love or hate

Or lay the burden at your gate

Fearlessness be our highest goal

Holes and parts are seen as whole

Covers hiding children small

From shadowy monsters on a wall

Until they see tree branch’s hand

Waving as by windows fanned

Feeling condemned or obsolete

Overwhelmed, rejected or of defeat

Being defective, abandoned deprived

Or of separation – fears are derived

The greatest fear is no surprise

The fear of our own life’s demise

Knowledge and faith dispels it true

And all those other fears in you

Laugh in the cruel face of destiny

Frightening tales of what might be

For I fear not monsters on a wall

For never were they there at all


O Lord with Thee I fear no evil. In Thy hands I am carried. My greatest happiness to be Thy crook and staff. No dividedness in Thee, no second one to fear; to endure pain for Thee is my privilege and to feel Thy love my bliss.

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