• Swami Purnananda

Diwali || Nov 14, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Wander barefoot torn forlorn

Spirit lagging, beaten worn

Fourteen years away from home

Once a king, now pilgrim roam

Snatched by evil greed and lust

Re-joining her, footsteps thrust.

Gracefully found in forest hills

Strong resolve to conquer ills

Assemble all your forces strong

Forged arrows to right the wrong

Fire and fury vent on that which

Stops the sacred union’s kiss.

When all is done for all of man

Ayodhya’s home is Sita-Ram

Back to realm and state of king.

Lighted lamps and let us sing

Jaya Ram, Jaya Sita, Jaya Sita-Ram! (1993)


O Lord I am suffering from pangs of separation from Thee. Remove all traces of impurity that I may rejoin Thee as one. Light the lamps of hearts throughout the world so that truth, joy and goodness reign and sorrows all depart.

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