• Swami Purnananda

Jun 21, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer || Father ||

Updated: Apr 11


If our father we ask for bread

Will he give us stone instead?

If his kingdom is heart’s space

Will we not there see his face?

If we repeat his holy name

Will he not be there again?

If his kingdom’s all around

Will his glory not be found?

If childish will be put aside

Does his willing grace abide?

If he provides our daily need

Will we worry who will feed?

If fatherly care sustains today

Will we feel he’s far away?

If he forgives our infant ways

Will we forgive our enemies?

If eyes he hides in peekaboo

Can he not open them for you?


O Fatherly Lord, whenever I fall you pick me up and carry me without my even knowing. May I feel your strength and guidance from moment to moment and understand my origin and inheritance from Thee.

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