• Swami Purnananda

Feb 1, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Born from slave’s free destiny

She offered heart so willingly

That the poor did well avail

Calling her their Muire na nGael

Precious father’s sword she gave

For from hunger poor man save

Wherever Brigid’s tokens travel

Woven cross resolves the quarrel

Abbey and church in Kildare

As mother, she presided there

Leading men and women both

Inspiring spring from winter’s sloth

Saint Brigid’s miracles and stories

Regaled with accounts of glories

Ignites hope in desperate times

Raising spirits, hearts and minds


O Lord, thy miracles and wonders are everywhere, but I am blind to them caught up as I am in my selfish cocoon. Many want Thy rewards, but few want to bear even a small cross. Many want to join the feast, but few want to share the fast. Grant that I may be with thee and thee with me pleased with each other’s company through every joy and vicissitude.

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