• Swami Purnananda

Feb 12, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Hide away from fabled beast

Consuming humans for its feast

Red paper and fireworks’ bang

A clash of cymbals loudly clang

Enough to frighten doubt and fear

Inviting strength of ox this year

No need to heavy burden carry

No need to panic hurriedly

From year to year migrants we

Are sure of finding destiny

What does scripture say of it?

Studied intricately bit by bit?

On a journey with bags in tow

We come from One to One we go

Selecting bodies to transport

And routes - by long way or short

Attention held with chant and song

Keeps beasts at bay and mind strong

(inspired by Chinese New Year)


O Divine travelling companion on our journey. What a joy when I consider Thee as such. All burdens are lightened, and all worries dissolved by Thy guiding presence. May joy enter all hearts as we sing and dance and make merry for life is a journey, we are the travellers, we come form thee and we go to thee.

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