• Swami Purnananda

Feb 16, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Shining speech and eloquence

Poured from flowing affluence

Reclining on a lotus white

Music strings play for delight

From crimson cusp of hands pour

Crystal blessings asked before

Shriving bells aloud will ring

Of forty days before the spring

Feast on rich pancake batter

In Shrovetide make a little fatter

Be sure to share with the poor

Before the austere fast endure

Then lively spring bring forth

Flowers clothed in yellow cloth

Knowledge, art and music flow

Speech, thought - things to know

Thanks transfixed from grace make

From mixed thought a good pancake


O awakening one, I resolve to prepare a pure receptive mind that I may live in Thy nature’s resurrected glory. Be ever my companion and encouraging voice of truth to prepare the way and make the crooked paths straight. Ever flowing provider of thought, wisdom, art and beauty – incomparable flowing river – all glory and honour to Thee. All glory and honour to Thee.

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