• Swami Purnananda

Feb 17, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Remember made from dust

Elements five-fold to encrust

Water and food combined

Life ingredients designed

To build a house to enmesh

Marrow, bone, skin and flesh

Remember made from dust

Costume changes to entrust

For role in singing opera play

In body that will soon decay

Reduced to pile of ashen grey

Deserted dust is swept away

Remember made from dust

Disbursed from starry burst

Made from yesterday’s food

Replacing cells of childhood

As ascetic goes with feet bare

Sackcloth and ashes today wear

Remembering thou glorious spirit

With perishable dusty body’s limit

Mercurial identity set aside

From perishing death no place to hide

Whether buried or on a pyre burn

Body, thou art dust, unto dust return


O imperishable and unchanging lord seated in all bodily cities. Established in you, attachment to thy earth car ceases as you sustain it for your will to be done. Let me control the queen bee of mind so that all sense pampering cease. Make this fragile gift of body strong and when the time is come, with Thy hand held, I let go.

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