• Swami Purnananda

Feb 19, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


What is world - why does it turn?

Is it old schoolhouse to learn?

Where strictly lessons are taught

In arduous classes life has brought

Dour pronouncements are given

By clergy from a hellfire driven

Seeing world as punishment

Corrected by our school placement

What if world is a circus ring?

Where we clowns go tumbling

But why do we behave as such?

Because we love to tumble much

When we get tired we will quit

When we have had enough of it

Then frivolity we have no need

As wind blows on the tumble weed

So let me clap my hands with glee

For God and home and country

This entertaining cloudy realm

Has steady hand at vessel’s helm

(Ref: Swami Vivekananda conversing with Miss Bell)


O Lord grant that I may awake feeling that thou art the real and all else is play. Grant that I may turn my distracted attention to thee away from thy shiny shadows of this world.

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