• Swami Purnananda

Feb 23, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Restless leaves, scattered seeds

Shifting sands migrate on seas

Erupting breath of lava flow

Molten pours in hissing glow

Shrill shriek of gale wind to force

Birds swift to alter flight’s course

Such great mother’s temperament

Still sensing child’s predicament

No choice to assert ego control

Or stubbornly stick to protocol

Pray “May thy will alone be done”

And bowing head ego succumb

Then open every gate to flood

Prepare to sacrifice your blood

Fire failed to burn great Polycarp

His fruit not sliced by stabs sharp


In the midst of overwhelming force, I stand in awe at Thy power and glory; this is easily felt in gale winds. Even so you show that I can access this when I align my will to thine. Then nothing can stand in the way and no obstacle is too big. Grant that Only Thy will be done here and hereafter.

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