• Swami Purnananda

Feb 27, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Simple rustic shepherd’s heart

From far laid back and gruff

A closer look saw love impart

Below the skin as finer stuff

Behold marvellous a wonder

Stainless bright star’s appeal

Forever protected by Rama

Renunciation’s burning zeal

Words simple, soothing sweet

Beneath hardened outer shell

Laid his life at master’s feet

Unmoved by any order’s bell

No readings to clutter mind

Untouched by markets that divert

Knowledge was of deeper kind

No heed for food or cloth comfort

In this way from world detached

Communion unbroken with God

In meditative state unmatched

Attitudes still profound and broad


Lord of universe I fervently call upon thee with mind saturated with love. I pray not for the morrow and its needs, but ever fill my mind with thee. Grant that it may not be diverted by what others think or say, but may it take me to thy divine and restful haven.

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