• Swami Purnananda

Feb 5, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Rare is unselfish sympathy

That reaches out in empathy

Another’s tears to make our own

When others’ burdens make us groan

Rich elite who are waited upon

Oblivious to poor and broken

Blind to harsh reality stark

Under chandeliers play in the dark

Can we feel for those bereaved

If we ourselves have never grieved?

Or understand those down dejected

If we ourselves were not rejected?

Hollow words are empty tribute

No place for weak, poor, destitute

Standing by can we not care

When child’s ribs are laid bare?

Value now what sorrows bring

Learn to heal from words that sting

See how love and faith will lift

Compassion and courage as a gift


O Lord my life is nothing but blessing gifts from thee. Those times when I felt abandoned and lost, you found me and raised my spirits. When I felt besieged you rescued me. When I grieved you showed me how to be feel for others. When the journey was tough you gave me courage. Grant that war yields to compassion.

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