• Swami Purnananda

Feb 6, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


On this day the earth will turn

Rain will fall and fires burn

Some will read inspiring books

Others attending to their looks

Like pots of water filled to brim

In each a sun appears therein

Are there many or one sun?

As we eliminate one by one

Body, earth, fire air and rain

Reflections of the mind ordain

In pots reflections don’t contain

The shining one that will remain

Neither coming I nor going

Neither living am I or dying

Losing myself uttering name

No past or future for to aim

Neither inert bowl or platter

Nor man or woman to flatter

Both fish, net and catcher I

I am the ticking time gone by


Let Thy name be ever on my lips and Thy presence always here. Thou art that which lights the sun, and no other is there. Thou appear as space and time, objects and movements, name and form; but when you stand alone, none is there but thee. Aye, none is there but I.

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