• Swami Purnananda

Hunger & Thirst || Daily Thought & Prayer || June 28, 2020


What hunger and thirst are like,

Only hungry one can know.

Throat parched, stomach pangs

Desperate life in balance hangs.

Even when thirst is quenched.

Home and wealth well entrenched.

Raw cravings can eat mind away.

Thoughts, obsession’s grip outweigh

So, Lord love me if you choose,

Or, if you will your love I lose.

I cannot slumber in content

Whatever graces that are sent.

If I no more can gaze on thee

With heart that only yearns to see.


O Lord compared to thee is nothing; my yearning is only increased when I feel you are not here; yet my reward is always given; have compassion on us that our eyes be opened and never shut.

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