• Swami Purnananda

Jan 13, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Muses lie in chamber where

Music and poetry well declare

Of human soul in all despair

At tragedies the heart to tear

For what price is worth a war?

Rending bodies tooth and claw

Bright promises that lay ahead

Lie in fields of blood soaked dead.

When was transit urge to kill?

To carved desk, paper ink and quill

Only clothing home and finery

Covered animals’ raw savagery

Sensitive to human plight

Mammalian tears at bloody sight

Reptilian brain mindless heeds

Cold balance of reasoned needs

Above beyond time’s history

Shipped contained biology

Loving hearts from blissful base

With aura peace - cruelty efface

Though their numbers may be few

Out of millions one or two

Beacons guide generations to see

Have same heroic possibility

(Inspired by Homer’s Iliad)


O Lord destroyer of every dark desire. Sweep out and clean every corner of my heart only leaving a little to express Thy glory. Grant that peace may reign supreme so that war and sufferings, outcomes of desires for power, may cease. May my little light shine so that Thy glory may beam.

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