• Swami Purnananda

Jan 14, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Swift chariot across sky’s roof

Seven bay steads spread as proof

Of glorious beauty’s regal rule

Of seeing eye – earth as footstool

Reflected He in waters glistening

At rise to dusk life giver listening

To prayer praise from riverbank

Before his disc descending sank

Of northbound path songsters sing

Lord of time bright harvest bring

Energy fused in luminous orb

Furnace of knowing power absorb

Bright rays bear him up aloft,

Who burns bright to twilight soft

That all may gaze upon that one

And bow before beholding sun


O Lord of light who opens up our way, entering into the sun you shine. My prostrations and salutations to Thee who displays for me all the qualities of Thy life, light and love. Illumine our minds I pray. Glory to Thee – Glory to Thee.

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