• Swami Purnananda

Jan 15, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Hare darting swiftly on its paws

From eagle’s eye and rending claws

Has legal right while on the run

On request be granted asylum

Zeus himself sets guarantees

Of shelter for the one who flees

Pleading safety desperately

From hillside beetle did agree

Eagle’s arrogance disregards

For he is royal mount of Zeus

Ignoring divine laws to ensnare

And with disdain tore at the hare

Justice wins from strengths

Beetles go to great lengths

To challenge mighty eagle’s crest

Destroying eggs unhatched in nest

No matter how high eagle goes

There beetle climbs and eggs dispose

Zeus himself could not protect

The eagle mount he did select

When eagle round his head flies

King of gods leapt in surprise

Mighty bird so proud and tall

Saw all the eggs allowed to fall

This tale of old has long been sung

Of humble beetle rolling dung

Purity patience and steady pace

Dispels the myth of life as race

Resourceful use of given skills

Transforms waste to goodness fills


O Lord Thy resources are plentiful and enough to transform discord into harmony. Let me not suffer from impatience or tarnish my soul with pride and greed. Grant me purity of mind, patience of trust and the perseverance to overcome.

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