• Swami Purnananda

Jan 18, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Beautiful blue orb rotating

One thousand miles an hour

Surrounding halo shimmering

Against black of void and star

Journeying round earth as whole

Whether from east point or west

Or starting from the northern pole

Same ground covered - each is best

Some with tender hearts express

Others by discernment integrate

Some dedicate work hands to bless

Others sit silent still to concentrate

Four directions four approaches

With heart, head hand integrated

Work life balance forces harness

So mind with truth is saturated

I stand in awe of Mother Earth

Who lent resources and gave birth

Who stood as woven cloth surround

That truth and knowledge may abound


O Lord – all wonder, adoration and thanks to Thee, who knowingly entered the earth and from within makes it spin. Modest art Thou for hiding Thy glory – yet through Thy grace I see sparks and hints of Thy fullness. Grant that our eyes may be fully opened, along with our hearts and hands.

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