• Swami Purnananda

Jan 21, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


As morning sky stretches yawn

Announcing sunrise red at dawn

Do not think that you may see

Day ‘s sunset necessarily

No promise to yourself at night

That you will witness early light

In moment’s flash encounters come

And just a swiftly they are gone

Stand ready always to be dared

So you will not be unprepared.

Live in such a way that death

May visit now with this last breath

Keep watch be vigilant on this day

Be careless not or neglect to pray

Bridegroom can his bride to take

While she is sleeping or awake

Kingdom’s king is here and now

Accessed help of steady vow

Not there in future times arrive

But right here while you are alive

(Inspirations from Imitation of Christ)


O Lord I watch and pray not in anticipation of Thy coming, but over the clouds that obscure Thy glimpses. Grant that I may always have the joy of Thy presence and the vision of Thy glory. Let me wait for the vision of Thy fullness and listen to Thy voice.

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