• Swami Purnananda

Jan 23, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Once there was by ocean’s shore

A place to lodge and eat and more

The guests who came from abroad

Loved the views so paid the board

The owners so preoccupied

Never saw the scenic views outside

Mind’s boarding guests now survey

As life in seconds drifts away

For a while watch the thought

For aims ambitious plans you sought

If of health, or pleasure or gain

Then these displace - learn to abstain

A world of lust of flesh and pride

Will act to true inheritance hide

For no longer set to make repairs

Or improvement in human affairs,

But access depth of spiritual realm

Where ecstatic joy will overwhelm

Be not deceived that you are holy

That world is depraved and lowly

Holiness deprives not nor removes

Scenic joys and wondrous views

Placing us on levels higher to rest

Where spiritual values are manifest


O Supreme Spirit, thou alone art the only holy one, not only found and revealed in my depths but in every nook and cranny of my human field. Grant that I may forget myself and my small grievances but lose myself wholly in selfless devotion to Thee.

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