• Swami Purnananda

Jan 25, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


Humbly pause with bowed head

On history’s shame of tortured dead

That not a tear did their guards shed

As millions to their slaughter led

No vermin pest was treated thus

Nor single voice raised in protest

Herded on cattle trains enlists

Jews, Poles, opponents, socialists

A million and a half kids in rags

With branded symbols number tags

Still stench of burning flesh hangs

Hopeless tears in separation pangs

What shame! What shame for all time

That hard hearts commit cold crime

Have we ceased to hate and burn?

Each must answer on their own

Were lessons learned from holocaust?

Collective memory counted cost?

When we forgot our family

Is the wholeness of humanity?

Perfect image of God and likeness

Makes every living life priceless

Forgive ourselves and in others trust

But those suffering, remember we must


O Lord for suffering beings we pray. May they learn to find their solace in Thee. May they find peace and comfort in Thy unending love.

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