• Swami Purnananda

Jan 26, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


First grand dream obsessed

For when that time will be

To no one be possessed

Of day when we’ll be free

Strong chains are useful

Suspending span of bridge

But binding man shameful

When strictures are bondage

Many offer lives for nation

Passion to fulfill the dream

Free from others’ domination

Saving hope - dignity redeem

What is power and wealth?

Without exerting self-control

Insatiable greed with stealth

Erodes those gains we stole

Can we taste sweet liberty?

Without restraint we’re slave

Without great self-mastery

Bound fast, still freedom crave


O Eternal Ever Free I am assailed by a world that distracts and pulls me into slavery. Grant only that my mind be Thy captive so that I may be freed by Thee alone. You are Light of all light. Sanctify my mind and grant me access to Thy Holy of holies to make me Thy own.

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