• Swami Purnananda

Jan 27, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


He who to plunge does hesitate

Will not know the blissful state

He goes with water jug and cloth

Delighting in the state of fourth

Praise to master’s mind control

Who lives in freedom of the soul

To bear the pain and not complain

Stands surely on a higher plane

Chains whether of iron or gold

Will the prisoner fast still hold

For lion’s freedom to restore

Announces with a mighty roar

To hot or cold rock impervious

In detached attention glorious

For neither am I food nor eater

Nor am I the food processor

For I am Self and all in all

Hunger cannot make me fall


O Lord I am a fool to think I am flesh, bones and sinew; yet I am Thine. Grant that I may serve Thee on the one hand and be always aware of perfection on the other. May I be attached only to Thee. Fill me with Thy Blessed Being.

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