• Swami Purnananda

July 10, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer


To fully accept the best

Let go of things you grasp

Old memories good or bad

No regrets nostalgia had

Work and effort for reward

Wiped away without a trace

Cry not, it passed to past

Let moment’s glory last

The future too is not with you

Sow goodness now for then

Thanks for every breath arrived

And fruits not selfishly contrived

Attach not to these body parts

Or parts in fleeting scenes

These move on like cloudy dreams

Torn by whirling changing winds

Magician Maya’s tricks well known

Deceptions in distractions shown

With attention drawn away to left

Right hand deftly makes the theft


O Lord deceive me not with your illusion; grant the vision to see through your veil. Grant the gift of letting go my grasp of past, present or future. I know if I let go you catch and hold me.

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