• Swami Purnananda

Jul 2, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Updated: Apr 10


Are we porous, full of holes

For patching up unending?

Poor defective birth born souls

Whose happiness is pending?

Sobbing, urging, give to me

Hearts torn for comfort send

Children cry in desperate plea

As if their little world will end

So many wants and gaps to fill

That prayers are never ending

Hopes that heavenly store will

By angel’s courier be sending

Presents missed in present time

If met with blind unfeeling

Adopt with ease new paradigm

Then play with trust proceeding

No half nor empty glass is true

No correcting acts or hollow pits

Nothing more for adding to

Save artfully shaped new habits

One perfect total kingdom here

No faults or tiny cracks appear

Stress dispelled and tension gone

Serenely glide like graceful swan


O Lord, I ask only for your constant presence; you are the giver of abundance in all things. Your vessel is always full and overflowing. Anxieties only arise when I stop feeling your eternal presence here and now; when I fail to tune my attention to your totality and perfection. Yet you stand by and with me always.

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