• Swami Purnananda

Jul 24, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Updated: Apr 10


World is but light and shade

Plus and minus cosmos made

Male and female make a pair

Discord and harmony in the air

Hot and cold, praise and blame

Complete this dual cosmic game

Mind that’s steadied does not mind

The ups and downs of humankind

Mind veering left from poor insight

Gets steered kindly to the right

With joy let’s play adjustment game

So opposite pairs are all the same

One thing more is here to note

Childish traits - make them remote

In child’s playtime to game devote

And joyful image themes promote


O Lord, forgive my childish ways, but I am but a child. I am your child. Convert my childish ways to childlike purity and love. You wipe my tears and fill me with your playful joy.

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