• Swami Purnananda

Jul 5, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Updated: Apr 10


One guru alone in the world there is

Existence, Knowledge, Divine Bliss

When to human, Divine voice goes

That is guru, Supreme Lord chose

Faith in guru dispels darkness for light

If yearning is present, discernment right

Free flowing grace to those who smiled

When serving the guru as loving child

Remove all your doubts at guru’s feet

Who arranged your God ideal to meet

If teaching applied with constant zeal

The highest state of freedom you’ll seal

Revered teacher’s sacred verses declared

That in whatever way you are prepared

If on guru’s feet, mind is absorbed not

Hollow your life even if all gains got?


O Lord, out of your mercy for an unworthy me, you gave a perfected guru exactly to suit. Knowing that I need guidance, every knowledge and blessing has come through his grace and lineage. My humble prostrations and salutations to you as Divine Guru.

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