• Swami Purnananda

Jun 10, 2020 || Daily Thought & Prayer

Updated: Apr 11


It is not in misery but in joy

That we ascend a mountain path

Drinking in with eyes recalls

Displays of ferns and waterfalls

Trekking up a winding way

No angst but pleasant panting breath

No thought for what a journey brings

Just to walk while the wild wind sings

Grand distant hills lord over lakes

Mirrored in the waters clear

Calmed still mind reflects the same

Like artist’s scene in picture frame

If life is a journey, enjoy your stay

Plan not for tomorrow but today

Though at the top vast vista waits

Unhurried steps enchant mind states


O Lord cure my impatience. Thou are here, thou art now and thou art beauty. Replace my anxiety for results with the awareness of each delightful step on the journey.

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